About Us

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Since becoming IATA agents in 2007, Now Travel and Tours has remained Nigeria’s leading travel service company. Our agents have the training, experience and industry relationships to help make your destination adventure a reality.


Creating the perfect trip is all in the detail. We work closely with individuals and organisations to ensure that your next adventure is exactly what you envisioned it to be, regardless of budget. We are committed to bringing our clients the best in value and unparalleled travel options. Experience the wonders of the world on a budget or go all out with premium leisure. We are constantly working to better manage all elements of your travel in an efficient and cost friendly manner.

Enjoy Our Best Prices


Cheaper ticket and hotel prices rely on our ability to negotiate with airlines, resorts and hotels on your behalf. We are constantly working hard to ensure you get the best deals. With our industry access, we guarantee great deals from 7-Star Hotels to Tour bus tickets around the globe. When you choose Now Travels, you’re sure to get the lowest ticket prices along with the best travel experience. We offer amazing and memorable tour destinations at affordable rates for individuals, families and corporations. Forget those price-hunting-blunders and avoid those unreliable promises from rookie agents. You can always count on our premium Now Travel Care Team to give life to those travel dreams while you save more every single time.


To ensure the attainment of our vision and mission as a world-class travel & tours management organization, all internal and external relationship shall be guided by the following REPIT principles.


All clients shall be highly regarded with courtesy; they will be treated with respect by our words and actions.


We shall conduct all our services with the highest quality, go the extra mile and be in-line with international best practice.


We shall endeavor to respond timely to our clients needs.


In offering our services, each customer’s needs and preferences shall be attended to with unique solutions.


 In dealing with clients, we shall act with utmost honesty, integrity and openness.

Now Travel Client Care Team

On Pulse with Our Clients

Don’t know which destination to visit? Or unsure about the choice of location you have made? Our Now Travel Client Care Team will help in assessing your needs, and work with you to determine best destinations based on your requests and budget. Already have your mind made-up on where to visit? We will help you realize those plans too.


When you get to your destination, you won’t be alone. We would have our Client Care team available to answer your calls and ensure you are well taken care of. Peradventure you require some adjustment, we should be able to work something out. It’s all in the details. We work with hotels to ensure you are appreciated and your special days (birthday, anniversary dates) don’t go unnoticed.


When you can focus on your holiday, and less on how to make it happen, we have delivered on our “Now Travel Experience” promise.

Business travel

Our Now Travel Care Team will work with you to develop every element of your corporate get-away. We work with your company Human Resource Team to plan around staff schedules and providing logistical support to make the journey comfortable and pleasant. Each company gets 5-Star treatment in planning, discounts and value.



To be a global travel company that provides one-stop, world-class services for all travel & tour needs of our clients.


A dynamic organization aimed at offering world-class travel & tours services to corporations and individuals with a team of innovative and highly professional employees.