Addis Ababa


This old 19th century city has been reinventing itself in the last two decades. First as the Diplomatic Capital of the continent (home of the African Union and related diplomatic agendas) and second as the most important transport hub on the continent. Founded by Ethiopian Emperor Menelik in 1892, Addis Ababa, Africa’s fourth-largest city is also global coffee powerhouse. It is impossible to separate its history, culture and its future from its coffee.

Addis is Coffee and Art

Expect to see lots of cafés, coffee stalls, bars and restaurants all serving coffee. Street hawkers too walk around with flasks dispensing high-quality Ethiopian coffee. As part of your tour, we could arrange a visit to the iconic Tomoca Coffee shop and Alem Bunna for a taste of premium coffee served with Addis tradition.


If you love art, then you would love the art scene in Addis Ababa. With tons of art galleries and exhibitions you are sure to find a piece worth buying for your home collection. Artifacts like Lucy, the oldest hominid skeleton, can be found at the National Museum of Ethiopia. Don’t forget to visit the Ethnological Museum located on campus of Addis Ababa University to find more ancient African art and collections.

Africa’s Christian Home

Addis Ababa has preserved a lot of its Christian Heritage being one of the oldest cities to have embraced Christianity early. It has many old buildings and art related to this era of its history.

It was one of only two African countries not colonized, plus it's widely accepted that the first humans came from the Rift Valley running through Ethiopia.


The land of the finest Arabica coffee

Popular sports include Cycling and soccer

the country boasts "13 months of sunshine"

More About Addis Ababa

A City on Hill

Addis Ababa translates as "the New Flower" (translated in the local Semitic language of Amharic) is a city in its youth and in its prime, with a growing population, economy and great possibilities for the future. Ever wonder how it would feel living very close to the clouds? Addis Ababa is 2,400 meters above the sea level, allowing for a very different experience for those visiting this city for the first time.


Hike up Mount Entoto, the highest peak on the Entoto Mountains. At the top (3200 meters above sea-level) you will have the city Addis Ababa in full view. We have a few hotel options for you around the base of the mountain available for your stay.

Sports in Addis

The Great Ethiopian Run is a major highlight of your visit to Addis Ababa. This annual 10-kilometer road-running event takes place in November, featuring contestants from the world over and full of locals and tourist onlookers. Cycle races are a great feature of every weekend in Addis Ababa, visible rom your hotel balcony or on foot on the city streets.


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