Refund Policy


  • is committed to providing excellent service to all their customers, including respecting their concerns about refund policy.
  • We have provided this Refund Policy to help you, the user, understand how we treat orders/purchases made on our web portal.


  • All transactions carried out on the portal will generate both electronic invoice and receipt that would be sent to the customers’ email address provided.
  • It will also generate an electronic voucher e-ticket based on the product type selected.
  • When contacting customer support to place a delivery request, Please be ready to provide Passenger details, the transaction ID/PNR and the physical address information.
    Note that this request must be made to our customer support by: email: ( or CALL (+234818-395-9047)


  • All cancellation must be processed through the customer support either by email: ( or CALL (+234818-395-9047) on or before official hours.
  • Emergency hot lines are provided on the website for non-official hours.
  • Please note that all tickets issued on any particular day must be cancelled same day else penalty charges apply which may include non-refund.


  • Tickets are usually non-refundable except when stated on the vouchers.
  • For refunds, we allow for a minimum of 14 working days. Request should be made through the Customer Support either via email ( or CALL (+234818-395-9047)
  • Please ensure you have a valid visa before your international travel. will not be held liable for act of negligence, omission or otherwise regarding obligations on visa requirements.
    In a case of cancellation, amount paid for insurance will not be refundable.
  • A maximum of one infant is allowed to travel per adult.


If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please feel free to e-mail us at