Some Travel Deals You Should Expect After Coronavirus

 Travel will continue after the coronavirus pandemic, in fact, the travel industry will return sooner than you think, and with some amazing deals. This is because the travel and tourism industry has survived wars, pandemics and the great depression in the past and most travel destinations, resorts and spots will even come up with mouth-watering and enticing coronavirus recovery program once the pandemic is curbed and the “all clear” signal is given.

  It’s no gainsaying that this COVID19 pandemic will bring many businesses related to travel and tourism to the brink of bankruptcy, in fact many businesses especially family owned and run businesses will file for bankruptcy citing inability to remain solvent after a period of lock down in which no business or income was generated yet expenses such as utility bills and staff wages/salaries were still paid. While this may be bad news for airlines, travel and destination resorts, hotels, restaurants and other businesses that mostly depend on travel and tourism, it is a windfall for travelers with several competitive offers ranging from discounted airfares to free extras from hotels and travel agencies. Indeed, this period is an incredible opportunity for travelers to make the most out of.

The truth is that once this crisis is over with, most people will want to get on with their lives and travel and vacations are an essential part of the modern day individual regardless of the age. People who have had to cancel their travel plans due to this pandemic will want to get on their dream vacation or cruise and many travel companies are including options for rescheduling bookings made now so travelers can rest assured that even if they book their dream vacation now for a scheduled date, they can still reschedule without any penalty or risk no refund policies.

Another benefit I foresee is that first class destination spots such as the South of France that are usually booked six months to one year in advance now have rooms available due to cancellations caused by the corona virus and travelers can take advantage of these opportunities to make bookings. They can even upgrade their current packages to include extras like food or spa credits at less cost compared to if they wait for the pandemic to end before booking a reservation.

Cruise ships often contains hundreds to thousands of people at a time and one unforgettable lesson learnt from this pandemic is the social distancing rule which will be difficult to do on cruise ships, people used to travel can gloss over it but new travelers will be wary, for this reason travel cruise lines will find it challenging to attract new customers as most travelers will be more careful after this pandemic and will pay closer attention to what they do and the number of passengers a cruise ship can board as they will still be a little wary of large gatherings. Added to this is that the most governments are advising against traveling on cruise ships at the moment. These cruise lines will likely introduce cheaper prices, reconfiguring some cruise ships still under construction that has bigger staterooms and encouraging hygienic practices to attract customers.

Airlines are not left out in this recovery program and some airlines are already offering cheaper rates. Several carriers has already announced plans for lower airfares and reduced interaction on board by eliminating food and beverage services to cut costs. Many airlines that also introduced waivers and flexible rescheduling options during this period may also extend these services for a very limited period. While most business meetings are being conducted virtually at the moment, once the all clear signal is given, there will be a surge in business related travels and airlines are also making plans such as flexible cancellations and rescheduling to an effort to attract passengers. American airlines has already introduced a 30% reduction in airfares to San Francisco which will extend to the end of April. 

Popular hotels like the Melia hotels with more than 350 properties are offering 45% discounts on stays at any of its locations plus a flexible cancellation policy.  Another hotel, the Preferred Hotels and Resorts which has about 750 hotels in 85 countries is also having multiple promotions. The Hotel Esencia, an upscale resort in Mexico recently introduced a promotion where vacationers can opt for either a free night on the third day of their stay or access to unlimited spa treatments for bookings in May and June. All these incentives are to entice travelers to use their services.We will compile and publish a list of popular cruise destination deals as soon as the Travel restrictions are lifted .To get this list sent to your email box please please fill this form