Zanzibar or "spice islands” is a popular tourist destination island located off the coast of mainland Tanzania. Popular for weddings, photoshoots, engagements and for business retreats. It is a beautiful archipelago with the two main Islands of Zanzibar (also known as Unguja) and Pemba.

The View

Everything about Zanzibar is enriches the soul with great colour, history and flavours. From your hotel window you can catch a glimpse of the coastline, watching fishing boats and fishermen ply their trade. You can visit the countryside farmers growing their herbs and spices from which this island gets its 'Spice Islands' name from. You may also find many rice farms, with welcoming farmers genuinely friendly towards all foreigners.


Home of idyllic beaches & balmy weather

Unique and vibrant culture and architecture

Beautiful lodges for a romantic getaway

More About Zanzibar

History Well-Preserved

This city has many well-preserved historic buildings: Christ Church Zanzibar (standing since 1879), the Old Extelcoms Building and the Chinese Doctors' Residence, Sultan's Palace (rebuilt and reopened in 1994, also referred to as Bait As-Sahel), Maruhubi Historical Ruins as well as many slave market sites. Let our Now Travel Care team schedule a tour weaving through the narrow alleys of the Stone Town navigating between colonial era buildings, war ruins of the Anglo-Zanzibar wars.

The Carved Door City

Many of these buildings are adorned with balconies and carved doors. This city has the largest number of carved doors in East Africa. Visitors to Stone Town also frequent its 50 mosques and four Hindu temples sites.


You can visit the House of Wonders, one of the first buildings in East Africa to have electricity and one of the oldest buildings in the region.



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